A L  N A S I R

Contemporary Islamic Community Centre

Al Nasir (The Helper) is a humanitarian supportive and spiritual centre that represents a respect towards creating a space of support, guidance and education for newcomers, immigrants and refugees among other underprivileged people. The world faces a series of mounting crises and growing refugee populations. There is an overwhelming Muslim refugee population in Toronto and there is a common struggle that they face and it’s this lack of accessibility and inclusivity in our individualistic societal systems. The adjustment period is very difficult and resultantly Al Nasir is a concept that creates unity towards a communal religious purpose while also being a social and economic bridge for these communities.

Al Nasir serves as a supportive and spiritual haven for all not just Muslims. It specifically provides a sense of belonging. The space functions not only as a place to practice spirituality but to also participate in workshops that support women, refugees, immigrants, and the elderly by providing technology support in our intimidating digital

world, English classes, employment workshops and other charity volunteer efforts. This progressive collaborative space will welcome all people outside of the Muslim faith to collaborate and participate in seminars, discussions, social events, and lectures.

Ground Floor
Floor 02
Floor 03

Toronto, ON, Canada

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